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cplWe are the biggest provider of compliance training in the UK. Over 25,000 learners go through training and qualifications with us every year. We’ve developed a range of short courses that lead to nationally recognised qualifications that fulfil legal or ‘due diligence’ requirements. We are also the biggest provider of personal licence training in the UK; 1 in 5 APLH and SCPLH candidates do this training with us at their choice of over 70 training venues nationwide.

We run over 1,000 PLH courses a year.We offer APLH, SCPLH and Designated Premises Supervisor training; SIA licence-linked security training; First Aid, Food Safety, Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Fire Marshal and SALPS (statutory training for Scottish staff serving alcohol), Underage Sales Prevention, Age Verification and Drugs Awareness. We also offer NVQs and Apprenticeships.

We deliver Any place and at any time! We will provide in-house training at your place of work at a time that suits your convenience – not ours. We will come to you 365 days a year, 24/7.

We offer choice Some training courses are best delivered face-to-face, and sometimes it’s a legal requirement that they are. Security and First Aid training are two examples. Other courses can be delivered either face-to-face or online. CPL has developed its own online platform from which a suite of superb e-learning courses are available. This is a particularly cost-effective training delivery solution for companies that operate from many different locations. For full details of our e-learning, and for an interactive demonstration visit: www.cple-learning.co.uk .

We innovate  – in addition, if we don’t have a ready-made training solution for a particular need, we’ll create one. We created a Conflict Management course for venue managers of the Revolution Vodka Bar chain. We created bespoke Time Management and Conflict Management courses for Business Development Managers at Admiral Taverns and Marston’s. We created and delivered ‘Challenge 25′ training for Asda and Responsible Retailing for bar staff at Shearing’s. To find out more contact us on: Tel: 0151 650 6910 Web: contact.us@cpltraining.co.uk




Tight margins due to cost pressure and increased competition mean that retailers need to operate more efficiently to achieve significant profits. Machine learning and predictive analytics are now being applied at every stage of the retail process – working out what the popular products will be by predicting trends, forecasting where the demand will be for those products and optimizing pricing for a competitive edge.

Pi Retail is a decision automation platform that predicts and prescribes the next best action to maximise revenue and profit through advanced analytics and seamless data integration. The product provides retail business leaders with a single data view across the business through dynamic cross-functional reporting accessible through web and mobile.

Key Benefits include:

  • Data integration, machine learning enabled data cleansing and data enrichment for highly accurate and reliable reporting
  • Predictive and prescriptive data analytics from data integrated across sales, stock, workforce, promotions and customers to identify opportunities to increase profitability and minimise costs
  • An intelligent insights assistant telling what each business user should do

Pi Retail provides Analytics Apps for each business function:

Revenue Analytics

Instant Daily KPI and P&L view for tracking the business across Finance, Operations and Marketing to gauge top performance optimisation opportunities

Merchandising Analytics

Optimise merchandising in store to maximise spend per customer to identify top stores to target to minimise loss and improve profit margin

Workforce Analytics

Track trends between sales & workforce required to understand when to staff more/less for each staff type.

Customer Analytics

Understand your customer’s propensity to spend based on past purchase, weather, promotions and more to increase customer retention by optimising loyalty programs

Marketing Analytics

Track the ROI on promotions, events and campaigns. Realise the impact of promotion on sales mix and margins and increase spend per customer by optimising promotions




Procure Wizard are an award-winning eProcurement platform which enables pub, restaurant and hotel groups to control and manage all elements of the procurement cycle improving profitability, reducing administration and purchasing costs, streamlining accounting and administration processes and giving you live accurate data.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools including Purchase to Pay, Food and Beverage Control, Time and Attendance, Laundry Control, Contract Management, Document Scanning and Storage and E-tendering.

Visit our stand to find out how our Time and Attendance workforce management solution gives you maximum control over payroll to improve both business profitability and empower managers of all levels to take responsibility for controlling your largest business expense.

Increase productivity and commercial awareness through our ground breaking KPI reporting, offering an instant overview of target against forecasting results, ensuring you can better monitor and control payroll costs.

• Save 5% on your payroll
• Typical ROI within 4 months
• 100% visibility
• Keeping you legal and compliant
• Reduce error rate

Our solutions are constantly updated by our development team and are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Our solutions are backed up by our operations, support and admin team who ensure first class service pre and post implementation.

Clients include McMullens, Seafood Pub Company, Bill’s Restaurants, Patisserie Valerie, MacDonald Hotels, Principal Hotels, Apex Hotels, Q Hotels, Caesars Casinos, Silverstone and Chester Race Course with our first overseas client signing up in South Africa earlier this year.